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 Joined: Aug 22 2014
MCB Poor service - never choose it for banking
Posted on Fri 22 Aug 2014

I used couple of banks, but found MCB below standard, they provide NO/Slow services specially when some issues occured, this included both online and branch banking. e.g recently i experience recurring billing issues, there is a problem in their recurring billing for utility bills, i set up my ssgc and PTCL bills on auto payment, but their system charged my for amount but in actual by bill show arrears after 2 month when i asked mcb they investigate for more than a month and then said there is some issue in recurring billing system, thats why your actual bill not charged please delete rearing billing settings. i deleted that but they never returen my payment which they charged me.

NEVER CHOOSE MCB if you are looking to get a new account, you will always cry, try may be meezan, faisal or habib bank

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