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my suggestion: avoid this school
Posted on Sat 30 Aug 2014

The concept is good but they are still working to scale their system to be fixed.
- You will be greeted at Principal's assistant's desk by assistants kids jumping on her desk.
- Donot make the Kindergarten coordinator Ms. Sumaira angry.
She can make your and your kid's life hell. Most shrewd female I have seen in an islamic school.
- most of teachers don't know how to talk to parents. Attitude of teachers is actually quite insulting towards prints and we can get a very good idea of how they treat our kids.
- just come at morning and at 'chuttee' time and see the circus that happens. They cannot even handle way how to safely and efficiently handle kids to arrive and to go home.
- Islam can be seen by looking at the way islamic coordinator talks and what she does. She cannot control her tongue and says degrading things when emotional. Also when she comes in the morning she gives her small purse to the cleaning lady who then follows her till her office. I think she thinks that she is an officer in a government office. Unfortunately most of the coordinators and teachers have that attitude.
- You cannot access principal because her assistant and teachers have an understanding and they usually discourage parents from taking complaints to Principal.
- work environment is full of internal politics and a couple of coordinators and senior teachers and possibly the principal have formed a group and they keep good teachers away from school.
-never make their coordinators angry. They are similar to supreme beings who cannot be touched or questioned.
- Attitude of teachers is completely unprofessional. They are untrained and under qualified. They should have good personalities to be working in an islamic school and not shrewd and always angry.
- if you ask too many questions it will make them angry then they will never say Asalam-u-alaikum to you again. Hmmm... they work in an islamic school.
- instead of helping students at school, teachers give their home number and say student should come home for tuition.
- inconsistent dressing of teachers. Some have heavy makeup and wear a thin dupatta. When they are leaving they wrap their head in that thin dupatta and hold it with their hand in front of their face. Once the car starts and leaves the door, their hand gets tired and the dupatta comes down. Some teachers wear mod dresses.
- last 2 weeks of school year, kids are completely free and they do non-academic activities in the class.
- academically their motto is: "pressurize kids and parents and then they will learn" and since they are unprofessional and untrained they go way off and talk bad to everyone.
- sometimes teachers are seen teaching with their babies in their arms.
- your choice but I have moved my kids out of this school.
I give it 1/10.
1 because they learnt some quranic verses.
- I just hope they fix these things one day and stop being a blemish on the name of religious schools.
- a much much better example is Hira Foundation

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