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Forum Topic - What are the early signs of cancer?

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May 08 2018 04:35 AM

Author: Ramaish S
Subject: What are the early signs of cancer?

I feel I must answer this question. I had signs of cancer for about a year before it was discovered. But my signs were not obvious. I had a backache that responded to massive doses of ibuprofen, so it went on for awhile. I had been to the doctor on numerous occasions, and was treated as a sort of neurotic, middle aged lady with aches and pains. I was treated for fibromyalgia (meds made me nutty), told to get massages, given cortisone shots in the knotty muscles on my back, etc. My husband finally accompanied me and demanded they do some blood work because he could tell this wasn’t normal “aches and pains”. Very telling blood work was done, but ignored, probably because the doc saw no emergency. I was finally referred to another doc wh

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