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Dominos Pizza

  Muhammad Z
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 Joined: Jan 18 2015
They serve you like beggars. I am never eating Dominos ever.
Posted on Sun 18 Jan 2015

I happened to dine in at DOMINOS PIZZA BAHADURABAD KARACHI PAKISTAN branch yesterday night 18/1/14 8.30pm. I had guests invited. It was a really very bad experience, the service over there was poor as anything you could expect. The franchise itself lacked everything it could. It wasnt clean and we felt claustrophobic as no type of air conditioning was on. We had two pizza's amongst which, one lacked alot of cheese and we could see the empty spaces on the pizza itself. After which we told them to replace this pizza with a proper one. The service itself was dreadful and simply disrespectful. There were no plates nor any sort of forks or knives for like ten minutes after our pizza was delivered. After requesting about more than 5 times one of the staff member just happened to come and just throw the crockery on our table like we were indebted to him. The knives were'nt washed at all, there was dry cheese still stuck all over it after washing.
There was no ketchup nor any chilli or garlic powder. In the end they just poured out some ketchup on a dirty old plate as if i was having bun kabab aside a footpath.
We started eating one of our pizza which had already cooled down as we kept waiting like idiots and its dough clearly turned out to be undercooked and literally raw. Then comes the other pizza the base of which was all rock solid and the surface was all dark red which clearly showed it had been overcooked. The pepperoni was almost on the verge of burning. I can surely say they just threw over some more cheese on the previous pizza we sent and baked it to shit. There were no utensils to even slice the pizza in proper pieces. My guests were clearly enraged and they left without even completing their meal, there went my respect out of the door.
There wasnt even one of the staff member there to apologize they didnt even attended us anymore. When i payed the cashier and complained about the service he wasnt even listening nor he tried and after i said ke " I dont think i would ever come to your branch or eat dominos pizza ever again " he answered by saying "ACHA THEEK HA". That was the end of my patience and i just walked out paying the money.
During my stay over there i saw atleast more than 6 customers complaining about different issues


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Chacha Piru

  Dominic m
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 Joined: Nov 17 2014
extra delicious!
Posted on Mon 17 Nov 2014

I am visiting from Canada and went to the the mall for the day. Not expecting much I ate at chacha piru.It was the best Pakistani food that I have eaten during my stay. So fresh and tasty and barely any oil. I even went back a second time the following day. What excellent service too. I highly recommend this place. It's extra delicious!

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Boat Basin,Karachi
  Ehsaanullah Z
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 Joined: May 21 2014
Hepatitis A after eating a subway Meal
Posted on Wed 21 May 2014

To whom it may concern,

I was under the impression KarachiS**b listed places that were vetted for and hence could be trusted. I have just had a very nasty experience at Subway Boat Basin owned by Mr. T***q S***m who owns 12 other outlets some of which are listed too on your site.

I happen to be under the common impression that Subway is healthy and hygienic. I was frequently the boat basin outlet that is open 24/7 on a regular basis. One occasion the guy who was going to make my sandwich picked his nose in front of me. When I asked him to wash his hands, he apologized and did wash them. I let it slide. Then there was the insect killer that didnt really work and flies buzzed in the outlet. When on two occasions, I had to discard a drink and sub the flies sat on them, I decided to call the server and politely complained hoping it would be resolved. The owner happens to be Mr. T***q S***m K***m who visits regularly, but takes no notice of the flies or the dirty washroom. He also owns another 12 outlets in Khi and Im told he is a franchise distributor.

On my next visit nothing had changed, so I took snaps of the flies, dead and alive and emailed him complaining. The guy at the counter that day decided he needed to clip his nails, so I asked T***q in the email to check the camera feed. As I was done uploading pics, a big cockroach happened to come of the kitchen. Two days later, I had Hepatitis A and severe jaundice and ended up in the Hospital for 2 weeks, and it was very painful.

Below is the email I sent to Mr. T***q on March 31 to which he didnt even bother replying :

Mar 31

to t***qs***mk***m
Mr. T***q,

Could you kindly have a few more or bigger insect killers installed at your Subway Store Id : 39526. The constant buzzing flies destroy an otherwise great experience at the outlet. I have had to discard a drink one occasion and a 6 inch sub on another because the flies would contaminate the edibles. I lodged a complaint 3 days ago, on the suggestions card, and also notified one of your employees to request that you install more insect killers. The current one has only one functional tubelight. I'm attaching pics I just took so gives you an idea.

I just saw a Cockroach crawl out of your kitchen, will send you that pic too if I can now find the critter under my table. A little repulsed now.

Someone is clipping their nails behind the counter. I think you should have some of them go through a crash coarse in hygene. Have a look at your camera feed if you can at 7.41pm today.

P.S. Please have the person who cleans the washroom not handle food right after. I dont see them washing their hands after handling the mops.


I have a bad experience in Isb at Subway as well where one of the guys decided to blow his nose into a tissue, then wipe the tissue on the wash basin. A friend threatened to complain unless he washed the sink, and used disinfectant. I have a feeling they just hire anyone regardless of their hygiene habits.

Mr. T***q S***m has no regard for the health or safety of his customers because both he and his outlets are doing 'brisk business'.

Here is 'Food for thought'. Another patron of the Subway Boat Basin found a worm in his sub, below is his facebook review of subway. A few others have come down with food poisoning.


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  Fariduddin B
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 Joined: Dec 26 2012
Pathetic service
Posted on Wed 26 Dec 2012

KFC charges preimum price and gives pathetic service. Last weekend we ordered a home delivery. The food, which was delivered, after one and a half hours, was cold. In the wow meal, there was only a zinger buger with no cheese and there was no chicken. There was no ketchup either.

We called and complained about the missing chicken to which we were told that they had missed the chicken for which they were "sorry". The person on the phone, who identified himself as Junaid Khan, said that chicken will be delivered within a few minutes. We waited for half and hour and then ate the burgers. It was absolutely disguisting to eat cold food. The chicken never came. we called again at 11.30 and then were told that it there was a mistake and they are sending the chicken now. We waiting till 12.30 and then went to bed.

Next day my brother went to the Malir Cantt KFC branch where he was harrassed and bullied by the shift manager, who also told him that KFC has no complaint email or telephone and "theres nothing that can be done about it".

I demand a written appology for this sort of treatment.

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