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  Fariduddin B
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Pathetic service
Posted on Wed 26 Dec 2012

KFC charges preimum price and gives pathetic service. Last weekend we ordered a home delivery. The food, which was delivered, after one and a half hours, was cold. In the wow meal, there was only a zinger buger with no cheese and there was no chicken. There was no ketchup either.

We called and complained about the missing chicken to which we were told that they had missed the chicken for which they were "sorry". The person on the phone, who identified himself as Junaid Khan, said that chicken will be delivered within a few minutes. We waited for half and hour and then ate the burgers. It was absolutely disguisting to eat cold food. The chicken never came. we called again at 11.30 and then were told that it there was a mistake and they are sending the chicken now. We waiting till 12.30 and then went to bed.

Next day my brother went to the Malir Cantt KFC branch where he was harrassed and bullied by the shift manager, who also told him that KFC has no complaint email or telephone and "theres nothing that can be done about it".

I demand a written appology for this sort of treatment.

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