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Forum Topic - Causes of nose bleeding in summer?

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May 10 2018 04:43 AM

Author: Ramaish S
Subject: Causes of nose bleeding in summer?

Some of the causes of nose bleeding are:

- Trauma to the face, such as a punch on the face

- Repeated bouts of nose picking or irritation can also cause nosebleed

- Although rare, inability of the blood to clot can also cause the nose to bleed

- High blood pressure can also be a contributing factor

According to some people, cold can cause your nose to bleed. This holds true to an extent. Among the many reasons that can cause the nosebleed, summers serve as one.

This is because:

- Summer months are dry and hot, both of which are bad for your nose. The protective coating of mucus present within the nasal cavity can get dry due to low humidity in the hot months. The loss of the muc

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